We Supply and install satellite dishes suitable for travellers.

MiniMax 75 Travelling Satellite Kit:MiniMax 75 Travellors Satellite Kit

The MiniMax 75 offers Australia wide satellite reception when connected to a VAST or Pay TV Decoder.

Improvements include:

  • Zinc coated satellite dish offering better corrosion protection as well as increasing the thickness which has resulted in a more robust dish reflector.
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts now replace the original zinc coated hardware.
  • Powdercoated finish that looks great.
  • Elevation bar on the rear is now tubular and moves much more freely without friction.
  • Replacement of the locking clip with a locking pin which is a much better idea.
  • The padded bags now feature heavier duty zips and more padding.

This type of dish is much more compact, eliminating the need for a bulky tripod.  It measures 75 x 85cm (elliptical) and weighs a mere 4kg.  The kit includes a padded bag and 10.700 LNB (device on the end of the dish).  We also cable the dish so you can connect your satellite finder.

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VAST Satellite service to take Aurora’s Place

V.A.S.T. (Viewer Access Satellite Television) replaces the existing “Aurora” satellite television system used by many travellers. So what does this mean for those of us currently receiving our television from Aurora?

Some background

Aurora RABS (remote area broadcast system) was funded by the federal government to address the inability for terrestrial (land based) television systems to deliver services to those living in remote areas. Travellers needs were addressed long after the inception of Aurora, and were really just an add-on.

VAST will replace Aurora and aims to bring the same content that is available to capital city dwellers, to people living in remote locations (including access to high definition programming). Its availability has been tied to the terrestrial analogue transmission turn-off. This is in part to address the differences in the coverage / reception of digital vs analogue transmissions (ie “you shut down analogue and now I get nothing!”).

Firstly the bad news…

  • You will have to buy a new decoder (set top box)
    This new service is not accessible on any existing decoder. This is particularly bad news for people with automated satellite dishes with built-in decoders!

  • The existing Aurora satellite systemis due to be shut down in November 2013.

Sunshine Antenna Service Satellite Receiver Decoder And now the good news

  • There are several new items on the market for V.A.S.T service viewing. The original Altech UEC manufactured box now comes as a 12volt as well as a twin tuner.

  • The new Satking box is available. This is a 12volt/240volt box with a single tuner which is PVR ready - this means that you can attach an external USB type hard drive to record onto and watch from.
  • The Humax box is a 240vlt box and ideal for those of you who are in non-digital transmission areas. This box is a twin tuner which can be purchased with or without a 500GB harddrive. The interface on this box is great and it has iView and internet capabilities. Harddrives can be purchased seperately but this box does not work with USB type external harddrives.
  • The new system features high definition versions of the same channels you were getting on Free-To-Air with the expecition of the National Broadcast version of 7, 9 & 10, meaning local news is now only available on the dedicated news channel. All local news braodcast tims can be found on channel 4 News Guide.

  • The managers of the system (Optus) are aware of the issue of travellers and they will be providing traveller access to the same system. Travellers will be required to register their system every 6 months.
  • The system is broadcast from the same Optus C1/D3 satellite – no change is required when positioning your dish although you may need to upgrade your LNB to 10.7 if it's an old 11.3 version.
  • Existing users of the Aurora system who currently reside in an area that allows them to receive Imparja and 7 Central  (not travellers) will be able to simply transfer their Aurora registration to VAST – no questions asked (you still need to buy the new decoder and card of course). No limit is placed on the number of cards/decoders a single address can register.

Should you require more information or wish to check your eligability for V.A.S.T please contact our office on 54791999.