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Commercial Antenna Installation (MATV)

Commercial antenna systems require a higher level of skill than the normal domestic work.
We have over 30 years of experience working in this field, with designing new systems as well as carrying out improvements to existing systems. We can successfully repair and diagnose faults quickly and
accurately using professional equipment. We can help you with Master Antenna TV Systems
(MATV), Satellite Systems (SMATV) Foxtel distribution and even DVD movie channels. We can also
assist with TV’s and Projectors plus cabling design, upgrades and installation.

Part of the reason for our success in the field of commercial television distribution is because of our documentation of schematic diagrams and record keeping for the antenna systems in the buildings we work on. Many times, these records save considerable cost when a service repair is required.

Experience Counts!
With over 30 years experience to date, we have inspected, tested and repaired the TV antenna systems of most of the resorts and high rises on the Sunshine Coast and this gives YOU an advantage when you call us to carry out a repair, because we can get to the cause of the problem quickly. (I have lost count of the number of times I have saved literally hours of diagnostic time on a difficult fault because I have seen it before and know the remedy straight away)

How quickly can we get the parts? 
FAST! – We are one of the few installation companies on the Sunshine Coast that carry stock of modulators and other critical equipment in our warehouse, so we can get your system operational fast. Excellent relationships with our equipment suppliers also allow us to get uncommon components often overnight or within 48 hours.

Do we understand the need for speed? 
YES! – We genuinely understand the urgency of commercial repairs for Resort and Building Managers and we do our very best to ensure we meet our service target of same day repair.

How do we keep up with all the changes?
We have invested heavily in technology which gives us the advantage of a cloud based service program, allowing us to send our Technicians real time photos, schematics and system upgrade information while on site. This helps the technician to complete the job without the need for a return visit.

We have 3 fully trained Technicians, so we can be there promptly when you need us most. We have kept up our training so we are up to date with the latest technology and we have invested heavily in new digital test equipment so we can find and fix problems quickly.

We also carry a large range of stock and have a large buying power so we can pass those savings on to you. It also means we have the parts in stock so the job can be done more often than not, on the first visit, saving time and money.

From a 2-unit duplex to an 18-storey high rise, we can provide the right service at the right price, consistently.  In the unlikely event that there is something that needs a return visit under our genuine warranty, you can count on us to come back promptly and get to the bottom of the problem.

You can also count on us to treat your premises, neighbours, residents and tenants with respect and consideration when carry out our service work. We can come up with a Digital TV solution to suit any realistic budget.

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