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Security Cameras and Alarms Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Security & Comms – a division of Sunshine Antenna Service – deals exclusively with Security Cameras and Alarms, as well as Data Cabling, Wi-Fi extensions and Networking installations.

We have partnered up with some of the best computer technicians on the Sunshine Coast to ensure we offer you not only great service and excellent installations but also fabulous after sales service and support.

    • We design cabling systems
    • We run the cables
    • We label, connect, test and install

So, for one-stop-shop service, Sunshine Security & Comms should be your first and last call – phone 5479 1999. We will get it right for you so that you can concentrate on running your business, knowing your Security and Network System will be reliable and support you in whatever you want to do.

Why choose Sunshine Security & Comms?

We are a FULLY LICENSED, FULLY INSURED and established bricks-and-mortar business with a 39 year track record of great service on the Sunshine Coast. We have vast experience in installing Security Camera Systems in large resorts and unit complexes. We also install Alarms and Camera Systems for small businesses, home offices and private residences.

Our security division has expanded with great technical support from David at DC Alarms. He helps provide the support for our full Security Service with Monitored Alarms and Commercial Camera Systems.

Our main aim is to give our customers peace-of-mind when they are travelling or away from home and to protect small businesses.

New camera technology allows us to install Security Camera Systems – with a Networked Recorder, Night Vision Cameras and Remote Smart Phone Access – in the family home or small business for under $2,000. These features were previously reserved for high-end commercial applications costing much more.

Some of the new systems can include High Definition Cameras up to 8 megapixels, Infra-Red Detection, 102 Degree Viewing Angle, remote power and full network connections over 1 cable, 30 days recording and motion alerts, plus on board SD card for added protection.

THIS IS NOT BUDGET EQUIPMENT. This is professional equipment with unobtrusive, vandal-resistant cameras and user-friendly recording playback and remote viewing. You even get digital zoom!

Why Do I Need This Technology?

Firstly – these systems can link in with your alarm systems and provide your monitoring company with visual verification of an intruder – the visual images are a “must” these days to get the police to respond as there is a chance to catch the offender red handed!”

But for most of us it means you can be down at the shops, or on the other side of the world, and you get an alert if there’s movement where there shouldn’t be. You can log in, look around, zoom in and playback – all from your phone or computer.
You’ll know if your neighbour is borrowing your whipper snipper, or your eldest is wagging school, or if the dog just got out!

Perhaps you’re far away and you hear on the news that the Sunny Coast is being battered by storms. Is your house okay? Just log in and look

Crystal Clear Footage

If you do experience a break-in, the crystal clear footage provided by these new High Definition cameras will help the Police arrest the crooks.

But we think the real peace-of-mind comes from being able to check your property, wherever you are. So, if you know someone heading off on the big trip around Oz, or a small business owner needing some cameras, let them know that we can help.



Intercom Gate Pad:

We never thought we’d get excited about intercoms but the evolving intercom technology is really impressive. The new Intercom Gate Pads feature a camera, speaker and backlit keypad. The standard 7″ monitor provides clear colour pictures and it includes 2 gate releases as standard. (so you can control pedestrian gate and the motorised gate with the keypad – perfect for the cleaner and gardener and visitors to have keyless secure access!) The system now has an optional IP module that allows you to control and monitor the Gate station with an app on your phone

Best of all, it can often be easily retrofitted to upgrade an older system.

Best Features:

  • It takes a snapshot photo with a date and time stamp every time someone presses the intercom gate button.
  • It has an easy to set ‘do not disturb’ function that you can set for an hour (for a nap), 8 hours (for overnight) or completely off (when you really don’t want to be disturbed)!
  • It’s simple and easy to operate – you don’t need a pilot’s license just to change a setting.
  • The new remote control app is so useful!
  • The basic system (non IP) is still the same price – supplied and installed retrofit from $1,100.

Alarm systems

The biggest problem/complaint about alarm systems is the false alarms. Almost 85% of alarm triggers are false alarms.

There is now a better solution.
The big news is that we’re now installing the new Risco Agility system and Lightsys2 system. The Agility system has the snapshot camera built into the detector, so when the alarm triggers, it takes a snapshot of the room and sends this to the alarm company. They can see what triggered the alarm and respond accordingly.

This system also has the option of self-monitoring, where the snapshot can be sent to your smartphone.

The system is wireless so it can be retrofitted much more easily than a wired system and you can add wireless cameras and wireless smoke detectors to it plus a range of other accessories. The best part is that the starter kit comes with 2 camera detectors, base, siren & keypad – all wireless and linked to your internet – from only $1,945 installed (with monitoring for a $1 a day).

The Lightsys2 system does everything the old wired alarms used to do only better, having wired and wireless components and with an excellent remote control app that makes controlling the alarm so simple from anywhere – the way we always felt it should have been!

We have full technical support set-up for the Sunshine Coast and the stock is available. We are rolling this out now and are very excited about how well this product has been received so far. We also have a display system set up at the office so come and check it out.

This is definitely the way of the future in Alarm Systems!


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