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Our Story

Hi There – I’m Phil White.
I consider myself an optimistic person, who gets great satisfaction out of making technology simple and easy for people to use at home and at work. In fact, that’s how I found my niche in the service world many, many moons ago -sorting out my own confusing home technology!

It began in 1985
This is a short story that I think you’re going to relate to! I purchased my first video recorder back in 1985, with all the joy and anticipation of watching a movie that very night. Household technology was starting to make its mark on the world – why go to the drive in theatre when you can sit at home on the couch in your PJ’s and enjoy the same thing? As you can imagine, the excitement was short lived and reality kicked in – I couldn’t get it to work!! After a few days of frustration and trying to follow poorly written video recorder instructions, I swallowed my pride, made a phone call and paid an expert to come in and set it up for me.

‘Within a few short minutes of the technician arriving, he had my VCR up and running and I remember thinking to myself, wow, ‘why couldn’t I do that – he made it look so easy!’

The minute the technician left, I set about learning to tune in my brand new “enormous” 20 inch modern day colour television – which I did! This undoubtedly stirred some eagerness to learn more, and quite quickly I started helping family, friends, friends of friends and I brought this eagerness to learn and help with me, when in 1988 I joined and then purchased, this Sunshine Coast family business.

That brings us to today
30 years later we are immersed smack bang in the middle of a fast changing information technology landscape. With knowledge and experience of old and new technology, Sunshine Antenna Service has evolved, and we’ve found ourselves in a very unique position! All those years I had of ‘learning the hard way’, ‘there’s no manual for this’ and ‘find a solution and figure it out yourself”, has our family business positioned as a rare commodity.

‘Our extensive library of knowledge, local contacts and extensive staff training, means we will almost always find a solution to any household or workplace technology issue.’

In a time where there’s a flood of new world technology trying to connect to old world technology, finding solutions to issues in technology connectivity and making it easy to use for you is fast becoming our forte! Sunshine Antenna Service is now installing, connecting, repairing, collaborating and creating customised household and workplace Audio Visual Theatre systemsSatellite SystemsSecurity Systems (controlled from your smartphone) and large scale Data cabling / Network Hubs and Wi-Fi Extensions. Exciting times ahead!

What the future holds
When it comes to technology and the future, we have only a hint of an idea where it could end up in 10 years, and we can only guess beyond that. However, what we do know is – how we use technology at home and in the workplace will change enormously going forward. Ironically, the choice of options now available with household and workplace technology based products, is growing so rapidly that it brings with it a whole range of new challenges. How do we install, connect and have them talk to each other, simply and easily – especially when we’re all so time poor?

‘It’s quite simple really… just like back in 1985, call in the experts and leverage off our knowledge and expertise!’ – Phil White

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