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Whats new and happening in the field of Satellite TV on the Coast?

VAST – Viewer Access Satellite Television
If you live in a bad or no signal area you may be eligible to receive your Free to Air TV from the VAST satellite service. To find out if you are eligible go to the MySwitch site, enter your address and follow the instructions. If have been rejected for the full VAST service we may be able to help. Call us.

The VAST satellite service provides most of the channels that are available on the normal terrestrial Free to Air service including some in High Definition. The local news service is also available from WIN and 7.

We can install Free to Air satellite services for your home location giving you access to the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) network. You can arrange through us, the supply of the VAST Satellite Decoder, along with the satellite dish and any required cabling.

Can we use our Foxtel dish for VAST?
In cases where people have an existing Foxtel dish in good working order, this can be utilised to also provide the Free to Air Satellite channels using a splitter and VAST Satellite Decoder box.

Why would I need VAST on the Sunshine Coast?
We are lucky enough on the Sunshine Coast to have a lovely area in which to live with rolling hills, mountains and lots of trees, but this sometimes prevents – in otherwise beautiful locations – the reception of Terrestrial TV signal. VAST is a solution that has been available since 2012. This system allows anyone in Australia, if eligible, access to most of the digital channels using a Satellite Decoder box. Sunshine Antenna Service stocks these Decoder boxes as well as the satellite dishes required for receiving the Satellite signal and we can install these systems on domestic home.

Can you record the TV programs?
Yes, In most respects, once installed, a VAST decoder works the same as if you had a digital TV set top box connected to your television. You can watch the digital channels and can, by use of a USB hard drive, record those channels.

Are there any extra costs?
You do require a Satellite Decoder box for each TV and satellite cabling to each of those locations. In most cases in modern homes the cabling used for Free to Air TV outlets is compatible with satellite as well so it simply has to be connected to a satellite splitter in the ceiling.
On older homes, new cabling may need to be run which is why we recommend to our clients that a Technician come to your home and inspect and advise the costs on site.

Can I take it with me?
This service is also available for people who are travelling in caravans and motorhomes and this is covered in our Caravan Satellite section.

Are there Rules and Regulations or ongoing fees?
Although the VAST service is free and there are no ongoing fees, there are some set up costs involved. This is not much more than the cost of a full TV antenna installation. The regulations that govern whether you are eligible for the VAST service requires that you have insufficient Terrestrial Free to Air signal. In other words, we have to prove on your behalf that you can’t get TV reception any other way!

It was regulated that a local installer is required to do a signal test for normal Free to Air television if anyone in the Sunshine Coast viewing area would like to change over to VAST. If those signal levels are below a certain amount the person becomes eligible. The test and written report does need to be done. After approval, application is made for the activation of your Satellite Decoder and once all the stations are activated,  you can take the box home and plug it in to the satellite socket on the wall.

Anything else I should know?
There are no further regulations but a couple of things you need to be aware of. Firstly, once authorised the Decoder box will constantly receive what we would refer to as a ping from the satellite that keeps it activated. If your box is disconnected for, say 3-4 weeks for example, then the box may require reactivation. This involves contacting VAST either by email or phone and getting them to reactivate the box. Whether done online or telephone call you require just your smart card number (located inside your Satellite Decoder). You need to be aware of this, particularly if you go away on holidays and turn everything off for a period of time.
The other thing you would require is a Satellite Decoder box for each TV in the house if you want to watch it at multiple locations. The service itself now contains Standard Definition programming and High Definition programming and there are also some digital radio stations. You receive ABC, SBS, Channels 7 , 9 and 10, plus you also receive some of the additional stations such as 7mate, Go, Gem, and the like.

There is a choice of 2 brands of VAST Decoder boxes currently available. They are Altech and Satking.

Some helpful links www.myswitch.digitalready.gov.au

VAST Satellite service www.myvast.com.au
See VAST Free to air service
Should you require more information or wish to check your eligibility for VAST please contact our office.

So here's the summary of what you need to know about VAST home service:

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