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Remote Controls

Home Theatre Remote Controls cover more than the Home Theatre these days as people want a system that integrates with other Smart devices. The technology changes rapidly but the rule with remote control systems remains constant and that is tried and tested and reliability beats the latest and greatest every time. Now that doesn’t mean old technology, but you do not want to be the test guinea pig on the new technology.

Our preferred remote control system by ON Control was purchased by Kramer Electronics who, it seems, are taking some of the best parts of ON Controls and incorporating it into their system. The key point of a Kramer Control System is that it is touch pad controlled and the system can be programmed to control almost anything using their control connectors. The equipment comes with a 7 year warranty which is the best in the industry. We have found up to this point that technical support is very good. It is not a cheap system starting at $2,900 for a basic Home Theatre control but it can be expanded to include air conditioning and security. It can also be remotely accessed by our programmer for upgrading or modification which is a big plus.

Is there a budget choice?
We are always happy to help with simpler remote controls such as the Logitech Harmony Touch which can be supplied and installed between $600 and $900 depending on the amount of programming and how much equipment needs to be controlled. It is not as reliable as the Kramer, as it can get devices out of sequence, but it does have an excellent help button system to sort most problems out. We can also assist anybody who has an existing  RTI system that needs upgrading. We can reprogram, as well as supply and program new equipment. Call us on 5471999 and we will be happy to help.

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