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Hello and welcome to our August 2021 Newsletter

Dear Loyal Customer,
I thought I would take the opportunity in this months newsletter to share some advice on TV brackets:

Not all TV brackets were created equal – tips on how to avoid costly mistakes
Firstly, please let me set the scene properly:
You have likely heard the expression “When is a ‘Bargain’ NOT a Bargain?” and the answer is either: a) When it doesn’t work!! or, b) When it costs more than you saved at the start, when later you have to fix something up properly or worse still, redo it.

The biggest cost really on a ‘Bargain’ that doesn’t work properly is the inconvenience, because it costs you time and sometimes unnecessary stress. Hands up if you have ever not taken back something you bought that turned out to be dodgy, simply because you didn’t want to spend the time and go through the rigmarole or the confrontation of a return?

There is an old saying which applies here “If you pay too much, you only risk the difference in what you should have paid and what you did pay, but, if you pay too little you risk the lot”

And so it is TV brackets, because there is a huge difference in the quality, design, ergonomics (big word for how easy something is to use) and long term flexibility and compatibility (very important when you upgrade your TV in 5-7 years time)

So here are my first 3 Main Tips for TV brackets

1. Buy a bracket that not only fits your current size TV eg, 50”, but will also fit a larger TV, i.e. 60-70″. The price difference is marginal but the long term flexibility for the next TV is priceless.

2. Make sure you carefully consider if a swivel bracket (Full Motion) may be the better option to a flat bracket. In modern family rooms especially, you may want to view the TV from different angles at different times, even from the patio, a swivel bracket gives you much greater flexibility than a flat bracket.

3. Especially for the larger TV’s – 60” to 92” a) Make sure the bracket is designed to go over 2 studs because you will need the support and b) The better quality brackets, like Sanus for example, have a model that has easy leveling adjustment, pulls away from the wall 6” so you can get to all the connections easily, and tilts with easy pressure. It pushes flush back against the wall as good as most fixed flat brackets. These features are very important to make it easy for setting up the TV exactly, but also for any future changes, service and repair, cleaning or even wall painting.

I hope these tips are of help to you in choosing a bracket. I will soon be adding some additional tips on our website plus some bracket recommendations. For now, simply call the office on 54791999 and we will be happy to give you some costing guidelines or organise a technician to quote the supply and installation of the correct bracket for you.
Happy viewing, now and in the future!!

Phil and the Sunshine Antenna and Home Theatre Team.

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