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Category: Tips & Tricks

This video was produced by Phil White, the owner of Sunshine Antenna Service , especially for the use of Senior Property Managers to use as a training tool for new team members to understand and deal with common problems with TV systems in rental properties. Please share this if you find it helpful and please …

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The fact is that TV transmission failures don’t happen all that often on the Sunshine Coast, maybe 2 or 3 times a year, but last year we had almost 10 outages during 2022, they were minor and for only short periods, but when it happens it sure does create some confusion. One of the things …

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Sometimes there are technical quality differences that are invisible to the end user, you the customer. You will never know something technical we did, a detail we know is important, that is invisible to you because all it does is stop or prevent something playing up. If we do our job – it never plays …

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