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Why do we make a big deal about fully shielded Mast head Amplifiers?

Sometimes there are technical quality differences that are invisible to the end user, you the customer. You will never know something technical we did, a detail we know is important, that is invisible to you because all it does is stop or prevent something playing up. If we do our job – it never plays up! So no-one ever knows that it was sometimes just a small attention to detail that gave you trouble free viewing for years afterwards.

Fully shielded Mast Head amplifiers is one of those details. Sure we can buy unshielded, good quality amplifiers for about $10 less, but we only use fully shielded amps. That is one of those hidden details in every one of our installations that ensures years of trouble free TV viewing for our customers. Why is the shielding so important you might ask? Its is very simple – the Fully Shielded aluminium casing prevents unwanted Radio Frequency interference getting to the critical last section of the amplifiers circuit board that is AFTER all the very important Radio Frequency filters at the FIRST section of the amplifier.

In simple terms, you go to all that trouble to keep the noise out of the front door and then because you have no shielding it is like you left the back door wide open and every stray interference signal (that you dont want) can just come right on in and muck up your TV reception. Fully shielded amps keep both doors firmly closed to unwanted signals!

That, my friends in TV land, is why we make such a big deal about fully shielded amplifiers. It is very important to us, because it is important to you even though you will never know it is there doing its very important job for you all day and night for years!

You appreciate real quality for years after the price is forgotten!