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Hello and welcome to our August 2022 Newsletter!

Well Hello Loyal Customers,

Here we are into August already! How time flies when you are having fun, or for that matter when you are working flat out or running the family around or cleaning or … hey come to think of it these days, pretty much whatever you are doing, time just flies doesn’t it!?

Alright, well first of all I want to start with something silly and ridiculous and I am hoping for a smile or a chuckle but I will take a wry smile from you. Just as long as it is not a scowl. OK, don’t forget to drop me a line and tell me how I did on this newsletter.

First, the future of TVs…

I saw this new TV recently in a review and just had to share it – what do you think?

This is the new offering from Samsung – a 110” frameless TV. It really caught my eye and I thought you may be interested – maybe only for the dreamers at $156,000 USD (or $223,080 AUD) – but it is totally ok to dream! Coming to a lounge room near you….
The $14,995 AUD price for the 98” Qled TV below suddenly looks very reasonable after that!

Here is something else very interesting, at the other end of the scale, that I came across:

Portable Personal Projectors

In the world of wireless portability and smart phones this new portable projector may make a niche market for itself. There are lots of these by different brands but I really liked this one!
Stream from your phone or inbuilt Netflix to make a 30” to 55” screen on any flat surface. The Projector can run from a USB battery pack or from a power pack and you can connect via HDMI or stream to it wirelessly and you can even control it with voice control. It has a decent built-in speaker but can also connect to a Bluetooth speaker. The list of features are large but this gives you an idea of what can be done for around $1295 AUD. I just thought it was cool and wanted to include it!

Ok, now it is time for the very important news section where I find out stuff I think you will want to know and you read it in the hope that something in here is of use to you, or maybe you are just bored and want something to read. Either way its ok with me, just as long as you read it, because I took quite a bit of trouble to write it and I would hate all this effort to go to waste!
So here goes:

What Happened to Channel 7 local channels?

If you watch the local channel Seven Network on channels 6, 61, 60, 62, 63, 64 & 66 then you likely have noticed some minor changes over the last few months. But the major change occured about 3 weeks ago when all of the Seven QLD Channels for the Sunshine Coast were upgraded to High Definition (HD)
For some, your TVs automatically upgraded and for others you may have needed to rescan/retune your TV to get the Seven QLD channels back and so you simply get the benefit of the clearer pictures.
However, for those of you who have some older TVs, Set Top Boxes or Recorders, this transmission type cannot be received by your sets.
The technical reason is the new HD version uses a system called Mpeg-4 and the older equipment is not compatible with this.
For anyone who is wondering what happened to their channels and what to do the simple answer is you can either get a HD Set Top Box or Recorder or upgrade to a new HD TV.
Plug: If you need help, advice or installation please give us a call.

TV Interference Problems?

At our monthly Team meeting last week our Lead Technician reported that there has been an increase in interference issues around the coast and most noticeable around the Peregian and Sunshine Beach areas, causing pixelation on TVs at certain times.

We have identified several causes for this and their remedies as follows:
1. There is an increase in radio frequencies interference from digital two-way radio emergency services transmissions cause intermittent break up.
2. The continuing changes and upgrades on 4G/5G mobile data transmissions cause mainly constant break up and sometimes complete signal loss.
3. Some localized interference at Peregian and Sunshine Beach caused by the Point Arkright/Coolum transmitter signals give strong signal but bad quality and the TV breakups continuously on most channels.
4. Atmospheric conditions that can cause short term interference giving no signal then signal on and off. You can find more details on Tropospheric Ducting on our website www.sunshineantenna.com.au
5. And a fairly unique one being a localized interference caused by an old wireless microphone system that uses the same frequency as one of our local TV channels – gives bad picture break up at similar times each day (these were all supposed to be replaced with a new type that uses other frequencies but not everyone did the right thing)

For problem 1 and 2 the solution is usually to upgrade the antenna and masthead amplifier with ones that have 4G filters built into them – these knock out the interference very successfully. This is where having the correct testing equipment and knowing what to look for is so important.
For problem 3 usually the realigning or relocating of the antenna to partially shield it from the unwanted transmission will normally solve this.
For problem 4 unfortunately this can’t be resolved other than by waiting until it comes good. It normally lasts a few hours or a day and it comes and goes.
For problem 5 we can often locate it by onsite testing with our testing meter and filter it out or adjust the antenna. Sometimes we can locate the source which is ideal. Fortunately, this one is pretty rare but it does happen.
So we hope that information was both interesting and useful and please give us a call if you encounter this. (plug!)

And the next section is the advertising section where I hope to pique your interest enough in something we do to give us a call and book us in so we make some money and then we can pay the bills and the team and ..you get the idea.
Also, sometimes we simply forget to tell you all the things we do so here are some more of the things we do:


We can supply and install the full range of Ubiquiti Wifi products from long-range high-speed wireless links between buildings to wireless access point wall plates for resorts down to small office and home ceiling mounted WiFi distribution systems. Get the full Wifi speed you need wherever you go in your home or office. Our favourite installation is the ceiling mounted low profile dome Wifi transmitter where just one will cover most homes with great Wi-Fi signal. It has a really cool blue light too (which you can also leave turned off if you don’t think its cool, which I had to do because my wife didn’t think it was cool, so we compromised and I turned the blue light off, sigh!!)


We have been using the LTS range of security cameras for some time and we are very happy with their performance and product range including night vision, low light cameras, number plate cameras, motorized cameras, 360 degree cameras, line crossing detection and now AI facial recognition. They have now added an excellent range of video intercoms that integrate into the security camera system or as a stand-alone system. The intercom system is uncomplicated to set up (labour cost saving) and contains all the features people are looking for with phone app and remote access but also with a good level of security.


We continue to supply and install the range of tried and trusted Bosch security alarm systems with reliable self-monitoring using an app or back to base monitoring. We are happy to advise on and design a system to suit any home or small to medium business.

Caravan Antennas and Satellite
We supply and install the Wingard Sensar HV upgrade kit to replace the smaller Wingard antenna and we can also fit this upgrade to some of the other wind up systems. We come to you and do the work on site. We can also get supply of the simple and lightweight Minimax style folding satellite dish kits in the padded bag again. We have the Altech VAST Satellite Decoders which we can supply, activate and install for you. We carry most items in stock in our show room but there have been some supply issues due to Covid (Yes, I mentioned it…sorry!) This is pretty much sorted out now, but make sure you ring first and check before coming down.

Well that is enough light reading and shameless plugs for now!
I do hope you were entertained and informed and if you have read this far then we both have done well.
Please feel free to drop me a line with questions, constructive criticism or suggestions for the next newsletter.
Meantime, have fun, stay healthy and keep smiling. Remember smiles are free so spend up big on them!
Cheers for now.
Phil, Mandy and the Sunshine Antenna Service team.