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Hello and welcome to our July 2020 Newsletter!

Well it’s been a while since we last spoke and so much has happened in that time. We hope that you have all survived the challenges Covid-19 have brought and that you and your family are all well and safe.
It’s been an interesting time here but despite the turmoil we have carried on and continued to provide that exceptional service we have become know for and we thank each and every one of you for your continued support.

Wifi Tips for the Home and Smaller offices

When you have good Wifi at one end of the premises and weak signal at the other then a Wifi extender is a good idea. However placement is important. Firstly, place the existing Wifi modem as high as practical. Usually it is on a desk – try to get it higher such as on a filing cabinet or a higher shelf or bookcase. The higher the better. This will give your existing Wifi modem an improved range. Next, using your mobile phone connect to the Wifi and stay in the Wifi settings and you will see the signal strength bars. Walk away from the modem and towards where you want more signal and carefully watch the signal strength bars until they drop to 3 bars. That is where you now locate a suitable power point and plug in the extender – don’t put the extender all the way down the other end where the signal is weakest – it won’t work properly there. Choose a spot where the original signal is still reasonably strong. Also if you can put the extender up higher (using an extension cord) it will work better( the signal will reach further.)

Caravaners and Motorhomers!

Tip 1: If you want Wifi in your caravan or motor home – all you need is a wifi modem that has a built in 4G back up (The type of modem that takes a normal mobile sim card, not a dongle, is best). You can then take it with you when you travel and it will work over 4G giving you Wifi and all your devices you take with you will already be set up and connect automatically. Some of the Wifi modems with 4G come with the connections for an external 4G aerial as well so you can increase your range.
This way you can easily sit with the laptop connected wirelessly with a minimum of fuss and much more secure than free or public WiFi services.
Tip 2: When you pack the van or Motorhome away until the next trip please add this to your checklist.
Remove all the batteries from every remote control, even if they are relatively new, and put the batteries, in a small ziplock bag away from the remotes. Why? Because the batteries all too often leak while in storage and instead of simply losing $4 worth of batteries you could end up with a ruined remote which will cost you much more (some over $100). And usually you find out they have leaked all through the remote when you are unpacking and setting up at a lovely holiday destination. This is one tip where it is definitely worth learning from someone else’s mistake!

We hope that these tips may prove useful to you or someone you know.

Until next time, Keep smiling,
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Service team.