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Hello and welcome to our June 2019 Newsletter

5 Things you should know about setting up your Media Room or Home Theatre

The difference between a Good Media room or a Great Media room is in the details. Get those right and you will be enjoying hours of uninterrupted viewing for years to come.

1. The majority of the vocals comes from the center channel speaker, which makes this particular speakers quality and position the most important aspect for being able to hear the dialogue in a movie. You’ll want this speaker pointing directly at your ears as much as possible.
2. The sound effects of a movie come mainly from the Front Right and Left speakers and the sub woofer. You’ll want the balance of these set up to suit your personal taste as you’ll want to avoid them overpowering the vocals.
3. The surround and rear surround speakers really only provide a small amount of the special effect sounds, such as things moving around you or coming from behind. They’ll need to be positioned correctly but they don’t need to be large or powerful.
4. Soft furnishings, thick carpet and thick drapes will majorly improve the sound quality of the room. While tiles and glass are on trend, these don’t belong in a Media or Theatre room. Create yourself a soft, luxurious space to lounge in – you deserve it!
5. At the planning stage make sure there is some thought put into the sound proofing of the room. Ensure there is a good solid door that closes tightly, that way you can enjoy the movies at home at a good volume without disturbing the neighbours.
Getting the above points right will set you on the path to a great sounding movie room. There is quite a bit you can do to save money while still getting a great sound and good design prior to construction is really the key to this. That is why we offer a free design consultation to help get the basics right. If you are thinking about, or looking at plans right now then it is time to make your appointment. We guarantee we can help you save money and get the results you want.
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