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Hello and welcome to our May 2021 Newsletter

Dear Loyal Customer,

We would like to start this months newsletter with a huge thank you to all our wonderful customers for your support of our new Sunshine Smoke Alarm Division.
There has been a fabulous response and we have kept our Smoke Alarm Technician very busy doing quotes and installs.
Just a reminder that there are only 7 months left to get your rental property upgraded to the new Australian standards and our booking times are filling up so if you still need to upgrade – now’s the time to call us on 54791999 to book now.

Technology Challenges to come for Electronic Supply Chain.

I came across the following article from one of our suppliers and thought it worth sending out as a special edition Newsletter, because the subject matter is very relevant to anyone planning to buy any electronic goods in the next 12 months.
The information in the article is a warning of the problems to come in obtaining all types of electronic goods, from printers, PCs, Televisions and Audio equipment, to name a few, but it could also roll on into such products as air conditioners, washing machines, security camera systems, even coffee machines, because everything now uses microchips in their control systems.
So, having read the article, my advice to anyone looking to upgrade or buy new equipment, you should do it now, before the supply chain is impacted too heavily here. There is no doubt the supply chain will be affected, it is just a question of when.
This full story does not seem to being picked up by the mainstream media so I would appreciate it if you would pass it on to anyone you think may be interested or may be affected.

Here is the full article with my thanks to NAS Australia who drew my attention to it:
China’s Top Chip Company Speaks of Massive Silicon Shortage Felt Around the Globe.
“The effects of the global semiconductor drought became more apparent this week amid a rise in purchases brought on by reduced COVID-19 anxieties.”
“The depth of the crisis was highlighted by Zhou Zixue, chairman of China’s top silicon-slinger Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company (SMIC). Speaking at industry event SEMICON China, he said the tech industry is ‘suffering its worst-ever chip supply crunch, as demand eclipses supply.'”
The complete article can be viewed here

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Until next time, Keep smiling,
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Service team.