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Hello and welcome to our November 2019 Newsletter!

This month I thought I would share some technical innovations that have come across my desk recently.

This may be of interest to anyone in an apartment complex or unit block.

We have installed a number of the new “Foxtel over a single cable” systems in small apartment complexes on the Coast and they work well. The system is designed to solve the problem of an apartment block that was only wired with a single cable to each unit for Foxtel. When the High Definition Foxtel boxes came out you needed two cables for them to work and for many buildings there was no way to get the extra cables through.

This new system, called “Multistacking”, solves the problem by putting all the Foxtel channels onto the existing single cable. It works well with the new IQ4 boxes.
We do have to inspect the existing cables and connections to know if it will work for your particular building however if this would help you or someone you know then please feel free to contact our office on 54791999 and we will come and do an inspection at no charge.

Tip for people who have Apple devices

We have had a few issues with Apple’s “Find my Mobile” App which is automatically turned on when you set up your iPhone or iPad. It is designed for security so you can find your phone or iPad if it is stolen or lost. This is a good idea, but if you need to repair them you must turn the App off first. This is where it gets tricky. You must have your correct Apple ID and Password to do this and if you don’t, it is almost impossible to turn off the feature. So please make sure you document the correct Apple ID and Password and update your records if you change/reset the password. We have recently had a few customers who couldn’t remember their ID and/or password and so could not get the device repaired. (The Apple repairers absolutely will not start a repair without this App turned off)
I hope this tip saves you the problem.

Remote Power Switches

We recently tested the TP Link Smart Power Switch and App and it is absolutely brilliant.
You put the very compact power switch on the power point and plug in your lamp (for example), or power board or any electrical device, and switch the devise on. Then you load the App on your smart phone and you can now operate that device from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet connection!) You can set timers and scenes quite easily and the new model also does energy monitoring. Prices are around $45

CCTV Cameras

This area has just exploded with new products arriving every month. We have been using the 4 megapixel and 5 megapixel cameras and the images are impressive. We now also have a range of wireless cameras as well, which are good for retrofits or temporary set ups or where you just need 1 or 2 cameras.
With security cameras and recorders for small business, homes and commercial applications – it is important not to get caught up chasing the cheapest priced product. There are three main reasons for spending a bit more on getting a quality CCTV camera and recorder.
1. The cameras and recorders will last longer – remember that these items work 24/7 and there is a difference in quality.
2. The security of the system – secure remote access and what features you can access – without ongoing fees for the App
3. Technical support in Australia – it is important that there is someone in Australia that you can talk to for technical support, but even more so for us, your installer – so we have someone we can contact quickly and easily so we can get help to sort out a glitch quickly for you.
Remember that CCTV systems are now really a computer and computer network and no matter how good the product is, things will go wrong at some point and will need sorting out. With the better quality products there is usually enough support to quickly sort them. With the cheaper equipment you often have to buy again and then pay for it to be set up – again. That is when the bargain is no longer a bargain, but you often don’t learn this till 12 months down the track!
I hope this tip saves you some money and perhaps saves you some grief down the track.

The New TV Remote Controls

– Some love ‘em and some hate ‘em

Not everyone likes the new ”mouse type pointer” remote controls coming out with the new TV’s and I totally understand that, because I don’t like them!
Give me a remote with the numbers and the volume up and down, channel up and down and direct selection of the source every day of the week!!
So if you are like me and want a normal remote with buttons, then give us a call with your TV model number and we may be able to source a normal remote for your TV. We may even have one in stock!

Until next time, Keep smiling,
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Service team