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Hello and welcome to our November 2021 Newsletter

I thought I might start off this months newsletter a bit differently.

Phil’s Soap Box!

Something we can all do for the Coast is a little something we like to call our “Help Save a Local Business” campaign.
Revisiting an idea that was shared with us a few years ago, instead of spending our money on imported gift wrapping and imported manufactured products, give a gift voucher from one of the local businesses on the Sunshine Coast and help the local economy.
For example, a voucher for a haircut from their favourite hairdresser, or for their acrylic nails, or a facial from their favourite beauty salon. What about a voucher with the home handy man service or the garden maintenance man, or a voucher for plants at the local nursery.
For the more practical minded, you could get a voucher for a car service or tune up or what about restaurant vouchers for some lovely meals, or 5 breakfast vouchers at some different venues. For the larger purchase, maybe get a voucher for the concrete drive to be sealed or for a needed paint job.
What about the voucher for an extra power point or for a ceiling fan or the outside light or the TV antenna voucher (a most brilliant choice!) or TV tune in.
And here’s one that I reckon will be popular – A “before Xmas” cleaner voucher and the “after Xmas” cleaner voucher!!
The idea is just that there are so many local businesses that provide great services and they are really valuable gifts for the right person. Yes, it is a bit different but, how much better is it, rather than the Christmas money going into imported goods that immediately leaves the area. This way the money stays local and helps the whole local economy including you! And don’t forget a similar thing can be done with distant relatives as they have local services too and, some even have vouchers that can be purchased on line – save a fortune in postage and packing and pour more into the pressie! (and help their local economy!)
I did some sums and if the 4000 people who get this newsletter spent $50 per present and let’s say you each bought 5 presents that equates to $1 million into the local economy. If those 5 people who received your gift did the same thing that’s $25 million into the local economy – that sounds like a great Christmas present to us all.
I thought this was a great idea – if you like it to please share it!

Price rises are here and are going to continue
Unfortunately, with AV equipment it is virtually all imported, and the few things made here are built with imported components, so despite my earlier suggestion on vouchers for gifts, that won’t work if you are after a large screen TV. There is a very good argument to buy electronic goods and get AV and TV work done now. All of our suppliers are now advising that due to significant material and manufacturing costs they are increasing the price of TV antennas, masting and cabling. Price increases started as of 1st October 2021. We still have stock at the old price but this will run out towards the end of the year, so this is a good reason to get work done now.

Electronic and Home Theatre Goods
We are already experiencing shortages of stock and the price increases will also apply to the electronic goods market. We are receiving alerts from our Home Theatre equipment and Security Camera suppliers that their prices are increasing as well. This increase looks to be a continuing thing for a while so again, the sooner you get something done the better.
At the moment price increases are around 5% to 7% but we have seen some specialty items jump by 15%. The prediction gurus in our industry are talking 20% to 30% increases as being very possible in the future, because Australia imports almost all of its manufactured goods. Building material costs have already gone up by over 15% in the U.S. and we are going to follow suit.

New TVs and other AV equipment is going to rise
All indicators are that there will be significant price rises on TVs and other appliances so if you were thinking of an upgrade or adding something to your Home Theatre system for Christmas, it would be my advice to secure yourself new items now as not only will the prices rise but also stock is going to become a problem. We are not really in the TV sales business but we can source and supply TVs when asked and are happy to help, but however you buy, my advice is still, buy now.

We will, as always, aim to keep our prices fair and reasonable but as with all small businesses, prices will be heavily dictated by manufacturers and suppliers.
Our advice – get in now to save yourself delays and money.
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna and Home Theatre Team.