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Hello and welcome to our October 2019 Newsletter!

Hello loyal Customers!
Well I don’t know where the time goes but, here we are, almost through October already! Firstly, thanks for all the feedback on our last newsletter, it is much appreciated.

Storm Season is here in full force!

This is a reminder to get your antenna and masting checked before the bulk of the summer storms hit. It is a really good idea to simply go outside and take a look up at your antenna and if it is moving in the breeze or if bits are missing or it’s at a slight angle then this is the time to get it looked at. If your aerial is over 7 years old and you live on the coastal strip it is likely due for some maintenance. It is much better to do this now and avoid roof or solar panel damage during a storm!

Do you need Surge and lightning protectors on the Sunshine Coast? – definitely!

Every time I watch a thunder and lightning storm roll through the Coast, the next day we get calls about storm damaged TV’s, phones and other appliances.
Nothing will really protect you from a direct lightning strike, but, for nearby strikes and power surges the modern surge protectors for your power are very effective in protecting your electrical equipment. My advice, if you have a home theatre or media room, install a surge protection power board and plug everything into that board. I would also definitely use a surge protection board for your modem/router, printer and PC or Mac. If you have a business with a server and phone system, make sure it is connected to a UPS (battery back up power supply). Remember that it not just a matter of saving the cost of replacing damaged equipment, it is avoiding the huge inconvenience of the downtime before everything is repaired or replaced and up and running again.
You can buy these items pretty much anywhere. If you would prefer to buy through us, we have our own range of Surge protection boards from $50 to $150 and a large range of UPS’s from $99 to $600. I am happy to advise on which ones would suit your particular needs and we can also install them if you are not confident in doing it yourself.

What’s New? Tech news

Sanus have brought out a new pivoting TV bracket for TV’s up to 90” and it folds flat to the wall at about 50mm (current ones are twice that at 100mm)

We have a new Wifi Access point from Ubiquiti that gives excellent 30m, all-round Wifi access, suitable for large homes and medium size offices.

If you are in a good 4G reception area, you can get home wireless broadband internet plans with up to 90GB of monthly download with download speed of around 20-25Mbps for around $69. This is a good alternative to NBN if you don’t do a lot of video streaming (The one we looked at is by Optus)

There is a price war on 4K TV’s at the moment, so if you are thinking of upgrading there are bargains to be had – especially in the 55” to 75” range. If you are interested, please give us a call. We can advise and in some cases we can also supply direct (only for existing Sunshine Antenna Service customers).

Some exciting news!

We are expanding our home services to include Smoke Alarms and over the next few weeks we will be able to provide you with Smoke Alarm installations, testing and replacement as well as Electrical Safety Switch testing. We can also help with upgrading your lights to energy efficient LED lights.
For all our Real Estate Property Managers – whenever we are on site fixing the aerial systems, we will also be able to do quotes for the Smoke Alarm upgrades. In the near future we will be able to provide the annual safety inspection including the Smoke Alarms, Safety Switch test and Window Blind Rope safety clips.

Well I think that is enough excitement for one month! Who knows what else will happen next month!

Until then…
All the best from Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Team!