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Hello and welcome to our October 2021 Newsletter

Storm Season is here

Well here it is October already and that means storms. Now is the time to make sure everything is secured like loose gates, light weight plastic furniture and cantilever umbrellas.
But the main purpose of this article is to help minimise roof related storm damage where possible. I hope it helps you.

One of the areas often forgotten is the roof. The TV antenna is often “out of sight, out of mind” but it is a very good idea to get the TV antenna and masting checked before the storm season hits in full force.

Old Masts Blown Over

Over the years we have been called out to a number of the older antenna masts that have blown over which have caused additional damage such as broken tiles, not to mention damaged antennas, which could have been very easily avoided if the antenna system had been checked.

Loose Cables and Water Damaged Amplifiers

The absolute worst time to find out that the antenna is not secure is during a storm. Loose cables can also cause problems, flapping around causing worrying noise, but also one of the more costly issues is that masthead amplifiers can come loose and get turned upside down which then allows them to fill with water and the next thing you know the signal goes out because the amplifier has failed and it has to be replaced. The other trouble is simply losing TV reception at a time when you most want it. And rarely can anyone get on the roof to do a repair in the pouring rain and as we well know, in Queensland, that pouring rain can last for many days.

Gutters, Leaves and Tiles

This is also the time to ensure that your gutters are clear of leaves and other debris and also that the channels in the valleys of the roof are also clear. Now is the time to check that the guttering and brackets are in good condition. And for tile roofs – check there are no loose tiles or ridge capping.


Check any overhanging branches and especially any branches near the power lines leading to your home. You would be amazed how much movement can occur in a storm with the tree branches!


Another thing to look out for is corrosion on guy wires and clamps, which is always a problem on the coastal strip and this is not always visible from the ground. I know a lot of people do not want to get on the roof to check these things and that’s where we come in (so here comes the shameless plug!)


So, when the weather is fine, it is an excellent idea to get a TV antenna inspection done and while we’re on the roof we can alert you to other maintenance matters that may require your attention.
Book a TV antenna and mast inspection and we will include a visual check of the condition of gutters and valleys, the condition of the tiles and ridge capping and the proximity of branches that may cause you grief. Costs start from $110.00 (incl)
So give us a call now and save expensive repairs later.

What about High Masts?

If you have an older, high masted television antenna, it is well worth getting your antenna system inspected and a new signal level test conducted to see if the mast can be lowered. This not only reduces the risk of damage in storms but also makes the antenna less obvious, instead of dominating the roof. Some areas do still require high masts for good reception but there are many that could be reduced to a 4 ft tripod style mast and still receive good reliable reception. The number of local transmitters we have on the coast and the changes in the signal levels over the last few years has reduced the need for these high, un-yieldly masts. So, it could well be worth getting a new TV signal survey done to see if a shorter mast will do. This will not only look better but will reduce storm risk and long term maintenance costs.

Storm Weather Reminder For Facility and Building Managers

Have you checked the roof access is safe?
Fixed ladders
Roof hatches
What is the roof condition?
Any loose flashing or sheets
Any cracked, broken or displaced tiles
Is the roof clear from debris, leaves and other items?
Are the downpipes and gutters clean and unblocked
We can happily check all of these things for you during our routine antenna inspection for the building. Simply book in one of our Technicians today.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – be proactive when it comes to storm safety. We’re here to help, so give us a call today if you have any concerns or if you would just like a general health inspection done.

Phil and the Sunshine Antenna and Home Theatre Team.