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Hello and welcome to our September 2020 Newsletter!

We thought we would share a couple more tips with you this month.

Smart TV’s

Nowadays it really does pay to have a full Smart TV with all the apps built in to the TV and with other AV equipment of the same or compatible brands. This way everything links. It can really pay off to get the Smart TV professionally installed because often the TV remote can be set up as a universal remote to control all the other AV devices as well. I find that the Samsung TV’s generally link up with most brands of AV gear and seem to have the majority of apps people want preloaded.
If however, you would like a budget alternative then you can get an Android device that will connect to your non-smart TV and give you most of the apps. These won’t control the other devices you have and are a bit clunky to use, but at around $99 they are an economical way to create your own Smart TV.

Data cabling for homes and offices

As a quick tip – when cabling a home or office – put data cable outlets wherever there is a TV or computer. If a building is long and thin or very wide then put data points at the furthest extremities of the building. Wifi works best when up high so if possible plan for ceiling mounted Wifi Access points on the ceiling above the main living or work areas. And if you are having solar installed, run a data cable to the solar inverter and ask the installers to connect it rather than just using the wireless Wifi connection. Most solar Inverters have a network port to plug into but they do wireless because it is easier, however long term – wired is better, more reliable and more secure.
With Home Theatres and Media Rooms make sure there is a data cable in the media room where the AV equipment goes and also a data cable from the AV equipment to the Projector or TV. And don’t forget to put the speaker wires in for the back speakers!

We hope that these tips may prove useful to you or someone you know.

Until next time, Keep smiling,
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Service team