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Important information regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. “Not quite Business as usual”

Dear Loyal customers,

We are all well aware now of the risk of contracting the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, and nearly all of us are taking extra precautions to prevent it spreading.

Here at Sunshine Antenna Service we are continuing to try to provide our services with a minimum of disruption to our clients

However, we are also very determined to follow the current common sense hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus in our community.

Therefore we are taking the following steps, and ask for your understanding

1. We will be asking all clients at time of booking if they have returned from overseas travel in the past 3 weeks, whether they are self- isolated for any reason and whether they have any flu like symptoms. If that is the case then we can still attend and carry out external work on the TV antenna but we will not enter the house and all other contact will be by phone and email.
2. If there is any concern or risk of virus transmission on the site we will simply reschedule for a future time outside of the isolation/quarantine period.
3. All technicians will be using hand sanitiser prior to entering any house and immediately after leaving any premises as well as using antibacterial wipes.
4. We will follow a no handshake policy for the time being and simply greet with a smile and a wave instead.
5. At our office and showroom, antibacterial wipes will be used regularly to keep surfaces clean and hand sanitiser is available for use at the front counter as well as for all staff.
6. We are also following a minimum social interaction policy for all of our team to help minimise the risk of exposure
Fortunately, none of our team have any of the COVID-19 Flu like symptons and none have returned from overseas travel in the past many months, however if anyone should manifest any of the symptons in the future then we will take the necessary steps to test and isolate, always erring on the side of caution.

We do have a work from home contingency plan for our office team but obviously if any field technicians are affected then field services may be curtailed.

We have a reasonable amount of equipment in stock and our supply chain is operating well so we are optimistic that we can continue to provide good service in a reasonable time frame as we work through this challenging time.

So that is our plan and we hope this information is of some help and perhaps some reassurance.

If you have any questions please call us on 54791999

With our best wishes and hoping that you all stay safe
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Service team