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Merry Christmas from Sunshine Antenna Service 2019

Well it has been an exciting year here at Sunshine Antenna Service.
We have said good bye to some long term staff members and hello to some fresh new faces. Our team has grown in strength of skills and we are expanding into new horizons.
Electrical, Security and Smoke Alarms are the new adventures for us moving into 2020 along with our existing services of Antenna’s, Satellite, Home Theatre, Data and Wifi. We are super excited about the year to come.

4K versus 8K the discussions continue!

If you are looking at buying a TV from 46” or larger the 4K UHD is going to give you a better picture that you can really notice, especially on bluray DVD’s. However, when watching TV you need to watch the HD versions to get the clearer picture. In case you are unsure how to do this – simply put a zero after the channel number and it will take you to the HD version. ie When watching local stations for Channel 2 use 20, for 3 use 30, for 5 use 50, for 6 use 60, for 80 use 80, etc. For Brisbane channels for Channel 7 use 70, for 9 use 90 and just to be different for 10 use 13 for HD.
Be aware that the standard definition channels do look a bit soft on a 4K TV.
8K TVs are for the 86” and above but there is not a lot of 8K content on line and none on TV, but the 8K TV does upscale everything you put in it so generally a high definition picture looks even better on a good 8K TV.

Smart TV’s:

Some good features on the new Smart TV’s with Samsung, you can connect blue tooth headphones directly to the TV which makes it very easy to use and gives you good range and also volume control using the TV remote (as well as on the headphones.)
You can also easily link a blue tooth speaker to the TV to improve the sound.
The new 55” and above will allow you to control all your other devices (DVD, Recorder, Foxtel, etc) using the TV remote. There is a bit of setting up and the TV remote buttons are a bit small but the list of brands that it covers is pretty good. Once set up it works well and removes the remote control clutter.

Full Colour Night Vision Cameras:

We now have a range of affordable full colour night vision cameras that will work in almost complete darkness to reproduce a clear image in full colour without the use of IR (infra red). All IR cameras produce a black and white image at night which can limit identifying hair colour and clothing colour on a potential villain. Plus, IR causes certain things like number plates to reflect back too brightly. This new camera range solves that. The cameras are very affordable starting from $200 ex per camera.
We are also starting to recommend with camera systems for home, that one camera is put in the garage so that it can be put on full motion detection with the alert and image coming directly to your smart phone if someone comes into the garage. You can easily turn this alert off and on and you can set a schedule for certain days and certain times. This is especially useful when going away.
The garage roller door is one of the commonly used entry points to break into homes so it is a good place to put an internal camera. Giving you a warning system without encroaching on your privacy.


Our office will be closed from 3pm on Tuesday 24th Dec 2019
We will re-open with skeleton crew on the 30th & 31st Dec 2019 should you need our assistance over the Christmas period
We look forward to being back on board and in full swing for 2020 on Thursday 2nd January 2020 at 9am
Wishing you and your family the very best for the Holiday Season.

It has been a pleasure working with you this past year and we look forward to another great year in 2020,
Phil and the Sunshine Antenna Service team